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This website dontdiewondering.com is owned and operated by Don't Die Wondering (“the society,” “DDW,” “we” or “us”).

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By using the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and to use the Site in accordance with these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to specific sections of the Site or to products and services available through the Site or from DDW. Accessing the Site, in any manner, whether automated or otherwise, constitutes use of the Site and your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service or to impose new conditions on use of the Site, from time to time, in which case we will post the revised Terms of Service on this website. By continuing to be a DDW Member or use the Site after we post any such changes, you accept the Terms of Service, as modified.


1.1 All Member applications are subject to acceptance by DDW at its sole discretion. The society shall notify applicants in the event that his or her Member application has been accepted. The society is under no duty to disclose its reasons for rejecting any application.

1.2 Applicants are obliged to provide correct personal details when applying to become a Member. Failure to do so may invalidate your Membership and any subsequent transactions. It is the responsibility of the Member to provide accurate information and DDW must be notified promptly in the event that any information changes.

1.3 An ‘Applicant’ becomes a ‘Member’ on acceptance by the DDW committee and typically takes two working days to be reviewed but can take longer.

1.4 Membership is available on a non-discriminatory basis to men and women over the age of 18 years who are interested in the objectives of our platform.

1.5 The election of Members is the responsibility of the committee and the DDW team.

1.6 It is the duty of every Member to ensure that the DDW head office is informed of current postal address and full contact details, including telephone number and e-mail address.

1.7 Members have the right to propose potential candidates for the committee’s consideration.

1.8 Membership is personal to an individual Member only.


2.1 DDW is private society in London and New York City with a selective membership base. The DDW service is primarily a source of fashion, music, art, lifestyle and PR event intel sourced through the society’s discreet insider network. DDW curates event info as part of your DDW membership subscription publishing the next 8 days events every Monday by email along with updates throughout the week in the app.

2.2 Secondly DDW attempts to secure RSVPs submitting requests on behalf of members to event hosts. DDW concierge is provided as-is without guarantees and is an add-on benefit of membership. Not requesting RSVPs or not attending events does not equate to not using the DDW service. The DDW service is a subscription to hand-picked upcoming event intel.

2.3 DDW does not run these events. The events are typically private with a strict guest list and there are no guarantees of admittance. Often times, dates, locations and contact information can change and DDW waives all responsibility. Most of the events are complimentary to attend while some are ticketed. Each event is case-by-case and dependent on the event organiser.

2.4 Due to limited spots your Insider membership comes with a re-active concierge for which you can request RSVP for 1 event per week. Entry plus 1 guest is dependent on the event organiser.

2.5 DDW provides a more proactive higher tier Founder Membership securing personal invites for Founder members up to 4 weeks in advance, Founder is an invite-only upgrade and only members that have been invited have the option of upgrading dependent on service fulfilment capacities at any given time.


3.1 Memberships are reviewed by the committee on a regular basis. Membership to DDW is intended for persons who uphold the values laid out in the DDW Code of Conduct and requires adherence to accepted standards of conduct and the rules of the society. The decision of the committee is final and without appeal.

3.2 Members are free to resign from the society and cancel anytime. There is no notice period and there is no minimum term contract or penalties. The society operates a no-rejoin policy, once a member leaves they can not join DDW again in the future or attend our events indirectly as a guest or beneficiary of another member. On request the committee may offer a temporary billing suspension offered on a case-by-case basis. Members may resign by giving notice to the committee in writing by email (committee@dontdiewondering.com). Both parties must confirm the cancellation in writing. The DDW committee confirms and processes cancellations same day the request is received. For security the member must verify their identity over the phone and will be called the day of cancellation request.


4.1 Members Fees are due upon acceptance of application and typically billed annually thereafter (“Renewal Date”), payment is due in advance by credit or debit card which you have authorised us to deduct such payment from (“Payment Card”).

4.2 If a payment fails to be collected, typically after 90 days but can be before this or after this timeframe, the committee will suspend your membership until the issue is resolved. If not resolved failure to pay will result in permanent membership termination (you will not be able to re-join DDW in the future). Along with member details being added to a Non Paying Customer Blacklist used by thousands of online businesses and credit agencies.

4.3 Members must provide a current, valid, accepted method of payment (as such may be updated from time to time, “Payment Method”) to use the DDW platform that is tokenised with our payment processor Stripe. We will bill the annual Membership fee to your Payment Method. In order to offer a seamless service, members must have one valid payment card saved with our payment processor(s) throughout the Subscription Term. You can change your payment card at any time.

4.4 Complimentary Preview: Your DDW subscription may include a complimentary preview period. For combinations with other offers, restrictions may apply. After the preview period the agreed membership fee will be due, but you can cancel anytime. We sadly cannot offer a refund for failure to resign before the end of the preview.

4.5 Differing subscriptions: We may offer a number of subscription plans and Memberships with differing conditions and limitations. Any materially different terms from those described in these Terms of Use will be disclosed at your sign-up or in other communications made available to you.

4.7 Membership fees unless stated otherwise are entirely non-transferable and non-refundable and may not be charged back under any circumstances. In the event that a credit card chargeback or payment dispute is placed against DDW, you will have breached this agreement and your membership will be terminated. Along with member details being added to a Non Paying Customer Blacklist used by thousands of online businesses and credit agencies. Chargebacks are a malicious action that harm our merchant account rating and are taken very seriously they are effectively stealing from the society and will be pursued with small claims court proceedings along with claims for additional costs, £100 fee per chargeback, associated court costs and expenses for staff time dedicated, and interest, to the full extent permissible by law. If a member has initiated a chargeback by mistake, to avoid further action and costs, they must speak with their bank to cancel the dispute and keep in constant contact with the committee until resolved.

4.8 By agreeing to these terms you agree to not request a refund for failure to cancel the subscription prior to the next billing date, or seek a hostile repayment chargeback from your bank.

4.9 Typically there are no refunds and services that come with a 30 day money back guarantee will be clearly stated and are always action based having attended an event and had a bad experience with the service by submitting a formal complaint to the committee (committee@dontdiewondering.com). Refunds can only be requested on a phone call our office number is 020 3142 8262 and are subject to the committee approval in writing by email which has final discretion. The money back guarantee ends on attending an event if not receiving a formal complaint within 24 hours of the event. By agreeing to these terms you agree to give the DDW service a fair chance.

4.10 Normally under UK law 'distance selling' consumers have a 14 day right to cancel and refund for any reason. DDW is providing you a subscription to exclusive event intel, privileged information disclosed by download, therefore joining DDW you waive this right.


5.1 Access to and use of the personalised Members section of the website is through a combination of username and password. Members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password and agree to notify DDW immediately if there has been any breach of security, including the unauthorised use of your name and password.

5.2 DDW shall not be liable for inaccurate descriptions of any products, services or benefits on the website.


6.1 DDW shall not be liable to the Member, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goods; or, loss of contract, or loss of use or, loss of corruption of data or information whether direct or indirect or, any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising under or in connection with their Membership; and under or in connection with their Membership, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall be limited to the total value of the monthly Member Membership Fee.

6.2 A contract for the supply of products or services is made with the relevant Supplier only. DDW acts as an agent for the Supplier and, unless expressly provided otherwise, all rights and remedies are against the Supplier.

6.3 Members acknowledge that any contract entered into with any Supplier is an independent contract. DDW hereby disclaims any and all liability for any act or omission of any Supplier or any loss incurred as a result of any act or omission of a Supplier whether or not arranged through DDW.

6.4 DDW shall have no liability to a Member for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from Requests or any instructions supplied which are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate or arising from their late arrival or non-arrival, or any Member Default.


7.1 All Members are required to present identification upon application and flag any past criminal activities. The DDW team will carry out background checks on all applicants with a third party.


8.1 DDW aims to provide members with exceptional events, travel and expedition opportunities. Terms and Conditions will be unique to the event, travel and expedition.

8.2 Because of the limited number of places available, travel and expedition bookings once made, cannot be cancelled or refunded. Case by case exceptions may apply.

8.3 Members embarking on any travel or expedition arranged by DDW do so at their own risk. It is advisable for Members to seek medical advice prior to any such travel or expedition. It shall be at DDW’s discretion to refuse to allow any Member to participate in particular travel or expeditions on health grounds.

8.4 Any Member taking part in any such event, travel or expedition does so as an Ambassador of DDW and as such, standards of behavior and dress will be consistent with the general standards demanded of Members by these Rules.


9.1 A three months suspension is imposed for any offence deemed harmful.

9.2 A full expulsion is enforced after at a second offence.

9.3 A full expulsion will be extended if the first offence is deemed serious enough by the committee.

9.4 Members agree not to share their access details with any other person or entity.

9.5 Members must not republish material from DDW.

9.6 Members must not sell, rent or sub-license material from DDW.

9.7 Members must not show any material from DDW in the public domain or share with anyone.

9.8 DDW reserves the right to withdraw your Membership at any time and cancel your access with immediate effect, if it is deemed that you have suspicious activity that causes harm to the society, no refund will be given for any remainder time of the subscription. Including but not limited to using our Services indirectly as a guest or beneficiary of another member.


10.1 The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the “DMCA”) provides recourse for copyright owners who believe that material appearing on the Internet infringes their rights under the U.S. copyright law. If you believe in good faith that materials hosted by DDW infringe your copyright, you, or your agent may send to DDW a notice requesting that the material be removed or access to it be blocked. Any notification by a copyright owner or a person authorized to act on its behalf that fails to comply with requirements of the DMCA shall not be considered sufficient notice and shall not be deemed to confer upon DDW actual knowledge of facts or circumstances from which infringing material or acts are evident. If you believe in good faith that a notice of copyright infringement has been wrongly filed against you, the DMCA permits you to send to DDW a counter-notice. All notices and counter notices must meet the then current statutory requirements imposed by the DMCA; see http://www.loc.gov/copyright for details. DDW’s Copyright Agent for notice of claims of copyright infringement or counter notices can be reached as follows: ddw@dontdiewondering.com

10.2 This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of DDW and our respective assigns, successors, heirs, and legal representatives. Neither this Agreement nor any rights hereunder may be assigned without the prior written consent of DDW. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all rights and obligations under this Agreement may be freely assigned by DDW to any affiliated entity or any of its wholly owned subsidiaries.

10.3 These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and any dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration in New York City, New York for US operations. For UK operations these Terms, its subject matter and its formation (and any non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by English law. For UK residents we both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


11.1 Although it is highly unlikely, this policy may be changed at any time at our discretion. If we should update this policy, we will post the updates to this page on our Website.

11.2 If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please direct them to: ddw@dontdiewondering.com

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